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Dear friends, more news, not quite so jolly today: Schwarzer Kanal will most probably have to move away from its home in Michaelkirchstrasse by the end of the year. Lovely landlord of the premise, „HochTief Bau“, wants to build some fancy new company headquarters on Köpenicker Strasse and guess what, use the wagon place area for storage of construction materials. That sucks! Especially cause there were negotiations with the Bezirk and the company in the past and so far it was clear that the little forest would be taken over for building. Now the company seems to have decided that they will not accept this great living space right next to their construction site, and everything has to go completely. The next months will show if anything nicer can be negotiated with HochTief, and expecially, if a good new place can be found that is not at the end of the world. Please keep your ears and eyes open about what’s going and support Schwarzer Kanal even more in this difficult time. And yes, let’s have a summer full of the best bike workshop wednesdays ever!